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"I like the way women's clothing fit, but I liked the patterns and prints of menswear," Beaudet said. That was the beginning of Tradlands, the couple's menswear-inspired clothing company. In 2011, the pair quit their desk jobs in San Francisco. Beaudet had been working as an office manager, Roberts as a photo retoucher. Both were eager for a change. "We wanted to think of something we could love and do together and we decided to start a business," Beaudet said. But Beaudet and Roberts had only $10,000 to start. "We knew we had to bootstrap it, which meant we had to cut all expenses," Roberts said. The pair, then engaged, sold a lot of their possessions, including their car, so they could move to Maine to live largely rent free with Beaudet's brother.

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By Leila Nathoo BBC political correspondent These are external links and will open in a new window Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionGreens told to look on the bright side after disappointing election At a meat-free conference in the pretty surrounds of Harrogate, Green Party members have been digesting their disappointing election result in June, when they polled around 525,000 votes - half their previous tally - and ended up with a vote share of just 1.6%. But while the mood among the few hundred delegates gathered in Yorkshire is reflective - it's certainly not despondent. Yes, party members admit, the snap election caught them off guard and they were squeezed by Jeremy Corbyn's resurgent Labour party, whose agenda encroached on territory previously claimed by the Greens. And there has been considerable debate about whether the party was right to stand aside 22 candidates in marginal seats to give Labour or the Lib Dems a clear run at trying to beat the Tories. One of those candidates told me she thought Green voters should have been able to choose the party they wanted to, and that anyone prone to making tactical choices would have done so anyway. Another described the decision as "surrender" - seeing as there was no real payback from Labour or the Lib Dems by coming out strongly for electoral reform. There are others though (including the leadership) who believe the hung parliament was, in part, a consequence of the Greens not fielding candidates in certain seats - and that it demonstrated a spirit of co-operation among parties. But generally - across the conference, there is a sense of optimism that the Greens do still have a place and a role. "Speaking truth to power" was the slogan of co-leader Jonathan Bartley's speech. He said that from opposing fracking to being anti-austerity, the Greens had consistently set the agenda and their ideas were now "common currency".

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