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Cola Pepsi quoted public distrust in the stuff as the number one reason people were ditching their diet soda in the US . It is often described as one of the most tested food ingredients in the world. And a review by the European Food Safety Authority in 2013 concluded that there were "no safety concerns" including for pregnant women and for children. Meanwhile scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel showed that low-calorie sweeteners altered the balance of bacteria inside the guts of rats. Our body's cells are outnumbered 10-to-one by bacteria, viruses and fungi growing on or in us and this "microbiome" has a huge impact on health. The study, in the journal Nature , showed that low-calorie sweeteners altered the animals' metabolism and led to higher blood sugar levels - an early sign of developing type 2 diabetes. Seven human volunteers then spent seven days consuming very high levels of low-calorie sweeteners. In half of people the results mirrored those in the animals. But Prof Peter Rogers, from the University of Bristol, is far from convinced by such studies. He says most of the animal research used levels of sweeteners that showed "little relation" to how they are used in real life.

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