Position, They Wrote In A Working Paper Published By The National Bureau Of Economic Research.

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Given thechoice, most workers dont care abouthaving the flexibility to set their own hours if the trade-off is lower pay, a new study finds. This was the first, surprising, finding from an experiment in which various work arrangementsand paywererandomly offered to people applying for jobsat a national call center, according to the researchers, economists Alexandre Mas of Princeton University and Amanda Pallais of Harvard University. The great majority of workers do not value scheduling flexibility:either the ability to set their own days and times of work at a fixed number of hours, or the ability to choosethe number of hours they work, the economists found. They said their finding goes against a popular perception that flexible hours matter a lot to workers, citing an article in the New York Times Magazine. Among the roughly 7,000 job applicants whose preferences were studied, the ability to work from home was more popular.Workers were willing to accept 8 percent lower pay, on average, to work at home, the study found. At the other extreme, workers were strongly against giving employers the right to vary their work schedule. The average applicant is willing to take a 20percentwage cut to avoid these jobs, and almost 40percentofapplicants would not take this job even if it paid 25percentmore than a M-F 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. position, they wrote in a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. More from Bloomberg.com: Flash Crash of the Pound Baffles Traders With Algorithms Being Blamed The distaste forjobs with employer discretion is due to aversion to working non-standard hours, rather than unpredictabilityin scheduling, the authors wrote. No surprise that women, especiallythose with young children, are more willing to accept lower pay to work from home and avoid employer discretion over their schedules.

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by Colin McDonald In recent columns, we've discussed surge protectors and UPSes , both of which keep a smooth flow of electricity going to your devices. There's another link in the chain between the power company and your devices, though -- the circuit breaker. This humble device is perhaps more important, but less understood than the others. It fulfills a simple task: if too much current flows through the circuit, it breaks the circuit and disconnects the dangerous flow. The problem isn't the electricity itself, but what it can do: start a fire. If a cable gets damaged, it can create an arc that can ignite wood or other material. This unrestricted flow of current ธุรกิจออนไลน์ คืออะรัย could be caused by a wrongly-wired plug, a faulty device or your dog chewing through a cable. Anything that makes the circuit the current has to flow through shorter than it should be (hence the term short circuit) or sends it to the wrong place is a problem because it can arc and cause a fire. That's the main difference between circuit breakers and the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) sockets in your kitchen or bathroom: the latter protects you from electrical shock, while the circuit breaker in your basement prevents your house from burning down.

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