A Straightforward Breakdown Of Critical Elements For Evening Dress

I prefer to take the time to go back to what I learned in Paris. Actually, what Theallet knows is on her fingertips. She can access เสื้อทีม ราคา an idea so quickly, or so it seems in the proportions of her clothes; in the harmony of the way she combines fabrics like washed linen with, say, a waxed raffia; and in her simple but seductive shapes. Her clothes reflect the slower way of working of her mentor, Azzedine Alaia , but her style is her own. And you never quite know ชุดคู่รัก what to expect from Theallet. This season, a botanical drawing of a stamen became the basis of a print that, when enlarged and turned upside down, looked like a spear or a fleur-de-lis motif. She used it for the full skirt of a cotton dress that she hemmed with a wide band of dark-brown waxed raffia. It reappeared, in relief, on clingy knits, and in a small, more abstract version for a wonderful chiffon mini-dress flared with petticoats. Theallet also used zippers to great effect, setting them into a strip of raffia on a bias-cut, sleeveless, brown-and-ivory-striped linen dress, so that you could peel it open from the shoulder. Or not. Photo: Imaxtree Fashion Is More Political Than Ever, But What Is It Saying?

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Women are ready for a changebut many brands are not. Most continue to follow the same playbook, particularly in evening wear, with looks designed to check the box on "black tie" or "cocktail." [Photo: Alyssa Greenberg] Sachin & Babi, on the other hand, sees these disappearing boundaries as an opportunity. The New York-based fashion label, led by husband-and-wife team Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, made its name over the last seven years with sophisticated silhouettes and bold colors. In its early years, Sachin & Babi hewed to tradition. "There was this gold standard that a lot of the senior designers set: This is evening wearbeaded tulle dress and big princess gowns," Sachin says. Sachin & Babi looks reflected that standard, with heavy fabrics and a ladylike sense of occasion. Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia[Photo: Alyssa Greenberg] Then, this past year, the husband-wife team started to pay closer attention to customer feedback offered up at their trunk showsand ultimately decided to turn their approach to evening wear on its head. "The world does not dictate the way she dresses, she is dictating it today," Sachin says, referring to the modern fashion client. The results were on display last week at the Sachin & Babi showcase in Manhattans Meatpacking District. Models stood tall in the dappled September light, wearing soft lace and ruffles that fluttered as they shifted their weight and slowly changed poses.

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