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How Each Zodiac Sign Experiences Sadness, According To Astrology | YourTango

Pessimistic thoughts will start to run your life when dealing with an episode.  Much like the Leo, the Libra will feel like their life is out of control. Even if it's just one aspect of your life, negative thoughts will have you thinking that everything is falling apart. Intense anxiety will also accompany your depression, which is the worst.  You may find solace in being alone, but too much alone time can be bad for you. During a depressive episode, you might find yourself questioning if you have any real friends or if you're going to be alone forever. Just know that these are intrusive thoughts and everything is not as bad as it seems.  As a Capricorn myself, when I'm feeling depressed I lose all motivation. You might experience what feels like extreme fatigue, but is actually just a black cloud following you around. Push yourself to do at least one productive thing a day to avoid getting sucked too deep into your depression. Being in a low place is definitely not what you're used to. You will feel weak, and like you've been knocked off your rightful place of the totem pole. Feelings of helplessness will also accompany your depression, making it feel even harder to overcome.  The most emotional sign. You might be feeling extra sensitive and like you don't have the support of your family.

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